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nicked off frankie.

Ten::: Random Things About Me:
1. i talk to frankie about the weirdest things.
2. i think i'm crazy.
3. i watched the start of final destination 2 yesterday. it was weird.
4. my favourite actor is tom welling.
5. my favourite actress is rachel bilson.
6. i have an obsession with lindsay lohan's music right now.
7. i wish i lived in the us.
8. i am weird.
9. summer/seth rocks my socks.
10. i say dude too much.

Nine::: Ways To Win My Heart:
1. have messy hair.
2. make me laugh.
3. look like steve jones or tom welling. [lol.]
4. like weird people.
5. must like to watch scary films.
6. must like smallville and the oc.
7. have a nice bod.
8. be nice.
9. must like at least one band/singer that i like.

Eight::: Things I want to do before I die:
1. meet mcfly.
2. meet tom welling.
3. meet steve jones.
4. meet adam brody.
5. be a lawyer.
6. visit california once.
7. marry stuart... or lyle.
8. give a load of money to charity.

Seven::: Ways to annoy me:
1. talk too much.
2. talk too little.
3. hit me.
4. NOT like the oc or smallville.
5. take the piss outta me.
6. ignore me.
7. hate the hotties. [aka. mcfly, tom welling, adam brody, steve jones, danny young... etc.]

Six::: Things I believe in:
1. ghosts.
2. love at first sight.
3. destiny.
4. happiness.
5. true love.
6. rebirth. [i know that's not what it's called... i couldn't remember.]

Five::: Things I'm afraid of:
1. spiders.
2. ghosts.
3. heights. [sorta.]
4. bees and wasps. [they're evil i tells ya.]
5. hospitals. [they freak me out.]

Four::: Favorite items in my room:
1. sky box.
2. tv & dvd.
3. dab digital radio/cd player & cds.
4. bed.

Three::: Things I do everyday:
1. talk.
2. watch waaaay too much tv.
3. talk to the tv.

Two::: Things I want to do right now:
1. watch friends.
2. talk to someone on msn.

One::: Person I want to see right now:
1. two people - stuart & lyle.
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